When Disaster Strikes // 시련에 휩싸일 때면

Candice shares with us how God turned an act of evil resulting in a horrible tragedy into a personal transformation and a blessing to others. Read Candice’s powerful testimony here.
견디기 힘든 시련을 통해 하나님이 어떻게 우리를 변화시키시고, 타인에게 축복이 되게 하시는지 ……Candice 의 간증을 들어보세요.

light after darkness

From Death to Christ // 사망에서 구원까지의 여정

I received Christ when I was 13 years old. This did not sit well with my mother and father, who viewed Christianity as a Western religion that encouraged children to dishonor and disown their parents. To coerce me to disown…

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